I work with individuals, couples, and families using a wide variety of approaches and modalities including somatic inquiry and metaphor, reflex integration, neurosensorimotor development, neurodevelopmental repatterning, co-regulation training, voicework, therapeutic dance, somatic play, embodied rhythm, expressive arts, mystical metaphor, and ritual theatre.

My work is informed by many wonderful practitioners, modalities, thought leaders, and educators including but not limited to: Cultural Somatics (both Hozumi and Menakem), Stephen Porges, Dance/Movement Therapy, Alfred Wolfsohn, Paul Newham, Irene Lyon, Jane Clapp, Sacred Ecstatics, Dalcroze Eurythmics, Deb Dana, and David Diamond.

Private sessions are one hour in length. Between-session support via email is not offered at this time. These sessions are heavy on the experiential and light on the dialogue. This is not coaching but facilitating your ability to cultivate deep connections and discover meaningful insights. Each session is stand-alone in that you bring your needs as they are each time we meet. If we are working with foundational nervous system aspects via movement patterns, you will have take-home movement assignments.

Sessions are held at my studio in Sankt Olof (Sweden) or online via Zoom. The cost is 700 SEK for in-person or 80 USD for online.


A Soul Session offers you deep knowledge, understanding, and perspective on your life situation. You can see to the energetic root cause of your issues, discover the specific beliefs that you have inherited from your ancestors that keep you small and quiet, find out your personal coping mechanisms, negative self-talk, and unhealthy relationships, bring to conscious awareness your own karmic self-sabotage, and see clearly how your choices have created your current circumstances.


A Soul Session provides a full energetic clearing of the Soul-level obstacles to your self-expression, joy, and healing.

I remotely tune into your Higher Guidance and the fifth dimensional database of All of Everything called The Akashic Records. Sometimes I download a specific message from your Spirit Guides if they are feeling chatty. I take what you want to create and put it at the end of a path; I can see the four or five or ten blocks that pop up between where you are and where you want to be. The blocks can be anything from a friend draining you of energy, a belief that you aren't worthy, a dental filling that is incongruent with your energy, a past-life deal you made with another soul, or residual negativity from really old wounds in your family tree. Then I clear the blocks, explain everything, and walk you through a five-step process to steer away from falling into the same patterns in the future.

This is an intuitive modality whereby energetic information from you, your Akashic Record, and your Spirit Guides is translated into concepts we can comprehend in the physical.

These energy healing sessions:


-bring you and your Soul into a deeper, more conscious relationship

-restore to you full, unrestricted access to the Divine streams of Love, Light, and Truth, bringing joy, self-acceptance, intuition, and non-judgment

-plug you back into Source energy and repair any damage in your connection

-reveal the relationships in which you have given too much of yourself & restore healthy boundaries

-unblock and rebalance your chakra system

-realign your subconscious and conscious minds with your Higher Self

-deliver to the Light your knee-jerk, broken-record patterns that you are ready to break

-renew your spiritual protection

-release limiting beliefs, imprints, and coping mechanisms that are ready to go, including those from your present life, past life, and family tree

-restore to you your full power and vital force energy

-increase your ability to connect with your Guides

-sever unhealthy connections to others, past and present

-align your voice with your highest path and purpose

-tell you which of your ancestors to whom you are most closely linked

-sever past-life vows and active memories of persecution

-identify the major thematic energy patterns you have inherited from each branch of your family tree ​

I work alone on your reading for approximately one hour.

Then we meet on Zoom or IRL to discuss all the details for sixty minutes. ​

You receive a recording of the call, a full energetic clearing, a custom prayer practice, and a Soul-Level Love Letter pdf detailing all the wonderful, powerful aspects of your Divine gifting and purpose on the planet, including:

-your fundamental energetic signatures, Divine gifts, and Soul-level skills

-which Divine energies you are here to promote on Earth

-information on how you can support the expression of your gifts

-the main energies your Soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime

-any past lives or mystery schools that are still active and helpful in your present life spiritual expression

The cost is 250 USD. Click below to book your session.



Andrea Staples

I thought I knew myself. However, working with Laura has taken me to levels of understanding of myself that I would not have imagined...ever! The soul reading left me in awe, and it gave me answers about why I felt outside of this world...and silently, without judgment, challenged me to be an even better version of me. Once I started working with Laura, everything accelerated! Laura’s ability to access information from the Akashic Records is eerily accurate and profound. She genuinely cares and takes an active interest in her clients. Her energy is authentic, clean, and kind.

Tanya Lochner

Laura has an incredible ability to help you shift inside. Through what seems like simple voice exercises, she helps bring about insights, healing and expression as you’ve never experienced it before. Thank you for giving me the gift of discovering my voice, me, again. The door is now open for me to take this journey of breaking through the layers to be visible as the authentic and true me.

Amanda Sjögren

Many things I have been trying to do and let go of for YEARS are just solving themselves because of the sessions with you. It has been life changing. I am still burned out, but I actually feel I’m starting to function and build up my energy again. I have felt SO grounded and at home in my body. What has been really important is learning that my body isn't wrong or broken. I am so grateful for it hanging in there with me, and I see that it always works in my favour to take care of me and protect me.

Myriam Llano, founder of

Divine Renewal™

Laura has helped me break the spell I’ve lived under for probably hundreds of years, and she has helped me unleash, break open and literally rebirth the essence of my voice. I am blessed and in deep gratitude for I no longer fear speaking. In fact, I’m amazed that I can have so many people listening to what I have to say.

Christine Kindler

Thank you again so much for the Soul Session you did with me at the beginning of the summer - it impacted me a lot and has been interesting to observe some changes in my life over the last few months. Just having it brought to my awareness enabled me to recognize and release those self-worth thoughts when they came. I've also noticed a shift in my health and energy levels. Even my acupuncturist was shocked by my improvement after our session!

Janet-Lee Ropas

Laura is a force of grace, light, and deep wisdom. I have had the pleasure of working with her over the past few years. Through Laura's loving and empowering guidance and permission to post unedited videos, a new found liberation was unlocked inside me. I highly recommend working with Laura if you are looking to unlock your voice and message to share with the world. If you already found your voice, I believe she can help you soar even higher.

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