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"Voicework is so very important, more so than I ever thought before taking this course! It's not about being an amazing singer, that has nothing to do with this work. It's about using the voice to heal, express and feel. To embody who you are, and let the world know that that's ok. To release what no longer serves us. To understand ourselves a little better. Not only did we get a wide range of exercises, the reasoning behind them and much of the other wisdom shared was so vast. I was really blown away by how I could relate parts of my voice or vocal history to big imbalances in my life. You will learn so much about how you show up in the world and what you hold onto from the past based on how you currently project your voice. You will experience exercises that will challenge you to really break open and address some underlying fears. You will learn tools and gain knowledge that will allow you to heal parts of yourself and really show up as who you are meant to be. The exercises challenged me in a wide range of ways (from singing softly and higher, to lower and louder, the animal sounds, the stretching of the facial muscles, moving the body WITH the voice), and having to share them was a big deal too. To be seen as I moved through the exercises was healing. In terms of interaction and feedback, I think that was one of the best parts. To have an expert's opinion on the work you're doing allows you to see parts of your practice that may not be visible to you. 
Having been on a deep healing journey for the last four years, I had never really explored the potentially healing capability of the voice. I was terrified to get started with voicework, having always been extremely fearful and resistant to vocal self-expression and being seen. I really leaned into my fears throughout the course, and because of that, I felt weight after weight off my shoulders. I started the course barely able to record a simple introductory "who am I", and by the end I was singing songs I had written myself (whaaaat?!). I feel excited to keep practicing, to keep learning, and to keep looking my fears and insecurities right in the face. It is potent yet gentle work, and we were in wonderful hands!"
-Tiffany Heon, past participant
This course is for women who know that the voice is a potent avenue for self-exploration, healing, and taking up space in the world. If voicework is for you, you can just feel it. You can tell that there's a fear, a choking, an apprehension, a self-censoring, a stumbling of words, a stage fright, or a sense that what's inside has difficulty finding its way out. Your ability to manifest, to connect, to create, to ground, to truly see? These can all be functioning well and reflect the work you've done - and yet struggle to be birthed into the world through a restricted voice. 
I've had the pleasure of working one-on-one with over a hundred women in the practice of vocal embodiment. I've listened and watched as years (lifetimes, even) of shame, silence, and smallness are confronted in five minutes of simple voice exercises. Voicework is extremely powerful medicine. At the same time, it's gentle medicine, too. Singing and sounding are innately human bonding and belonging activities that predate spoken language, encourage nervous system safety cues, and contain the energy of self-expression within themselves. The song *is* the therapeutic container. Our bodies know this and respond accordingly.
This four-week course addresses a variety of themes that women face and heal through the voice. The content is delivered via prerecorded live video, used in the previous run of this course. Each week, you receive one content video (theory and practice plus homework assignments) and one singing meditation video (I first teach you simple songs and chants, and wherever you are, you sing along with me as a meditation). The total running time of all videos in this course is six hours. Your homework between each weekly content video includes practices to share via video in a Facebook group. The participants supportively comment on each other's videos, and I also comment on each video to reflect what I see and encourage growth where I can. Posting your assignment each week is a phenomenal way to practice visibility, vulnerability, and trust.

How many parts of myself can I access?

How many sides of me are beneath the surface?

How can I give voice to my deepest selves?

The course content is delivered via video. Content is emailed directly to you twice per week for four weeks. You have forever access to the material.
You are strongly encouraged to participate in the Facebook group in order to connect with other participants and get the most out of this course.
Please note that this course is for education purposes only. It is not intended to replace psychotherapy nor advice and counsel you would receive from a medical or mental health professional.
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