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Calling all movement professionals, mental health workers, space holders, and community organizers interested in learning how to use the body to build relationships and bring people closer together.

Relative Play is a modality that uses playful somatic movement, neuromotor strategies, voice, touch, embodied rhythm, and other experiential interaction to:


-support and develop a platform of interpersonal safety and resonance from which relational neural pathways are strengthened and connection, communication, healing, pleasure, and empathy spring

-create opportunities for learning from the body about the state of a relationship, the dynamics that exist between people, and one's own unconscious relational patterns

-demonstrate to the body visceral, physical experiences of desired feelings such as belonging, having support, being in balance, being held, and being cared for, thus creating a somatic memory that can be recreated and revisited in the future

-increase one's potential capacity for healthy relationship via system-wide reorientation toward connection rather than protection

Relative Play is suitable for all relationships that require connection to thrive: partnerships, parent-child, extended family, workplace, classroom, project-based, neighborhood, etc. 

Relative Play themes include balance, support, transparency, safety, belonging, strength, empathy, vulnerability, groundedness, resonance, teamwork, cooperation, problem solving, violence prevention, need satisfaction, and body awareness.

During this training, you will experience two full days of Relative Play practices and exercises, learn how to facilitate them according to the needs of your clients, and understand the theory behind their implementation, including how they contribute to relational healing, brain health, and nervous system organization.

Afterward, you receive a digital manual of the activities covered in the training, as well as a facilitator certificate.

Registration includes a free starter kit of props containing four colorful racquetballs, two partner therapy bands, and six flexible activity rings.

The next certification training takes place July 10 and 11, 2020 at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto, Ontario. The cost is 595 CAD or 459 USD.

Space is limited. Welcome!

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