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I've put together a guide that offers you six somatic practices to begin to include a body-focused approach in your climate activism and efforts to improve the health of our ecosystem.

If we apply nervous system wisdom to ecological suffering, we are able to open new windows of perspective and deepen the way we meet the task in front of us.

Is the planet calling us to take our place in the collective body? To examine how our own dissociation contributes to global ecocide? To make connections between the micro and the macro? To turn panic into panacea by superimposing the planetary onto the personal, thereby bringing power for change off the desks of industry leaders and into the hands of every single neighbor, friend, and citizen. (Yeah, I sure think so.) 

If you are well-versed in ways of "doing" for the planet,

it may feel like the right time to consider ways of "being," too.

Occupy the Ecological Body: A Somatic Guide is available as a PDF with immediate download for 14 USD.
Please note that you will be directed to your download upon completion of payment. Do not navigate away from this page.
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