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Conscious Voicework®

Authentic Somatic Self-Expression

Finding your Truth

- available for individuals and couples -

 We know when it's time.

When we have had enough of self-censoring and modifying what we know to be true,

it starts to feel urgent.

It creeps up on us like flames, this hole in our lives that our voices are supposed to fill.

We will not die with our music still in us.

We will not waste this life we were given.

We will not wait until other people are ready to listen.

We will not make ourselves smaller or quieter, more likable or malleable,

because it suits the world better. 

Our voices carry our Souls into this world, and it's about to get a whole lot louder.  

Our voices are the sound of who we are.​ In Conscious Voicework®, we use the voice as an avenue to access and express all parts of ourselves without apology and without embarrassment. We do this by exploring the artistic and psychological aspects of vocal expression, whether sung, spoken, or shouted. We get comfortable owning our singing voices as an innate, evolutionary vehicle towards self-expression, belonging, and Divine connection. We learn how it feels to let our bodies have their say, even if it's messy. 

We bring acoustic shape to our truth. 


The voice is a natural outlet of expression and part of our bodies that we filter, hide, alter, misuse, distrust, or perfect in order to stay safe from rejection and judgment. When we take back our voice and its potential, we stop filtering, rejecting, and perfecting ourselves.

By sounding wild, we practice being wild.
By sounding imperfect, we practice being imperfect. 
By welcoming all the sounds our bodies can make,

we welcome all of ourselves back home.

Conscious Voicework® includes vocal embodiment practices, breathwork, movement, toning, sounding, improvisational singing, song creation, chanting, and more. We work together to determine your self-expression goals and create vocal pathways down into your experience of self, up to a relationship with Spirit, and out into the world to express your truth and gifting as uniquely yourself.

Your voice reveals most everything about you, whether you like it or not. I am able to read beyond your vocal technique or ability and, just by listening to you, receive information about your emotional and physical state and how much of your truth is being expressed. For example, I can hear if you are stifling your grief, running from your own power, or struggling with early childhood attachment.


I design a therapeutic approach for you and coach you through a course of

custom vocal, breath, and movement practices to assist you in identifying and

communicating your truth. I direct you into deeply healing spaces with your own voice.

You practice being seen and being heard. By sounding imperfect with intention, you free yourself from the good girl persona. You find the primal self, the shadow self, the sides of you that you fear would result in your being judged. In voicing those selves, you discover the freedom to express your uniqueness.


I hold space for your unfolding and support you every step of the way.

Conscious Voicework® combines elements of Jungian voice therapy, expressive arts, applied ecopsychology, spiritual consciousness, feminine embodiment, energy healing, and classic vocal training. 

I recommend a package of four sixty-minute sessions in order to get the most out of our work together.

Via Zoom.

85 USD per session or 300 USD for four sessions
Please note that CV is a complement to mental health care and psychotherapy, not a replacement.


"Laura is such a beautiful soul with a powerful voice. She is an intuitive and knowledgeable teacher who has helped me discover my true voice and forever changed my relationship to it in the most profound way. Each session with her was rich in wisdom and practice. She has such a warm personality that infuses the sessions with playfulness and ease. I am infinitely grateful to have had the chance to work with Laura, and wish for that opportunity again! <3"

-Nathalie Delorme

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