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I have an undergraduate degree in sociology (University of Georgia) and a post-graduate diploma in psychosocial health intervention and public health (Centennial College). I have training in neurodevelopmental movement and primitive reflex integration (RMTi I/II), neuroscience of movement and dance (WiseMotion Method), movement for violence prevention (Kornblum), applied ecopsychology and eco art therapy (Project NatureConnect), intuitive counseling (Hess), energy reading & channeling (Johnson), spaceholding and circle facilitation (No), grief literacy (Being Here, Human), bodywork for trauma and emotional release (School of Holistic Body Therapy), theatre and vocal performance, and natural voicework. I am a certified facilitator of the Safe and Sound Protocol Listening Therapy and a certified Autism Movement Therapist®.

Plus I've earned a whole bunch of continuing ed certs in applied neuroscience, brain health, clinical somatics, psychology, sexual trauma, and birth trauma.

I have eight years of experience in community and classroom expressive arts facilitation, including visual art, drama, voicework, and movement, and seven years of experience in intuitive counseling with private clients. I designed a heart health movement-based education program for The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, which was used as curriculum in fifty Toronto middle schools. I created the website Wild Parenting, chosen as one of the top five parenting websites by Life Learning Magazine and recommended by Apartment Therapy. I have worked as a life skills counselor for adolescent survivors of trauma, an end-of-life companion in hospice care, a wish coordinator for terminally ill children, and as a social service and policy advocate for homeless youth and adults.


My visual art, poetry, and songwriting have been published in print in various parts of the world. I was on television a little bit, but I was legit terrible at it. I've given birth three times, one of which was unassisted. I come from South Carolina and live in southern Sweden by way of eleven years in Canada and one year in Paris.

photo by Rhianne Jones Photography

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