You are warmly welcomed to this online rehearsal space for change. Change cannot come if we don’t practice it. Internal, interpersonal, and collective oppression often hinges on assumptions of silence, conformity, and obedience to both implicit and explicit rules. If we don’t develop fluency and comfort with that moment of conflict, of rule-breaking, of choosing something else under pressure, we are more likely to perpetuate than interrupt the dynamics of oppression.

What if we can bring play, spaciousness, solidarity, witnessing, courage, presence, flow, and curiosity to the moment of disobedience? By rehearsing it, by becoming familiar with its creative potential, by exposing that the emperor wears no clothes, by rewriting our well-worn, fear-drenched neural pathways with new associations of freedom and empowerment, by taking it to the body. After all, if change were exclusively the domain of the cognitive mind, the world would be a very different place.

So come break some rules with me.

Some of the things we'll do include:

  • Unfollow instructions

  • Disrupt expectations of Zoom classes

  • Work with a memory of time you wish you'd broken a rule

  • Break interpersonal rules of politeness (surely the best use of breakout rooms)

  • Break movement rules of space and physics (or at least try)

  • Identify and study an internal rule that prevents you from taking action

  • Break down the somatic cycle of disobedient action

  • PLUS you are hereby asked to show up to this Zoom class already breaking a rule of your own choosing simply by showing yourself on camera (eating drippy cereal, lying in your bed, no bra/makeup, or sitting in a clearly filthy room; whatever is your particular poison)

  • Omg I'm so excited typing this

This class is 2.5 hours in length. It will not be recorded for distribution, so if you want to participate, you gotta show up live. I've tried to pick a time that's relatively accessible for most people. I'm sorry if that means you have to get up early or stay up late, but you know what? It's worth it.

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Sankt Olof, Sweden

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