somatic practitioner

How I can help

I hold space • I invite • I remind • I encourage • I challenge • I reflect • I listen • I make connections

I blend neuroscience-based platforms with the intuitive, ancestral, cosmic, and unknowable resources we all carry. I am passionate about helping to:

re-introduce you to your body's genius, strengthen your level of communication and intimacy with your felt experience of being alive, re-orient your nervous system to safety and relationship rather than protection and isolation, expand your internal resources by re-integrating parts of yourself that have been shamed into the shadow, and re-wire your brain to become the dopamine-infused, immune-supporting, emotion-regulating, orgasm-facilitating, energy-efficient, sensorimotor master that it longs to be.

Important to note: I am not a therapist. I am a practitioner of a variety of somatic modalities. My work does not replace therapy but works best in conjunction with mental health services.


Laura Geiger demonstrating a voicework technique for embodiment
A sample of Conscious Voicework with Laura Geiger
Therapeutic movement/dance project entitled Magnetic Resonance
A song for troubled times




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Sankt Olof, Sweden

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