"Metaphor carries us on wings larger than despair."

Matthew Fox

"Se hace camino al andar."

Antonio Machado

the anatomy of liberation

We change patterns in order to change structures, from the micro level at the personal body to the macro level at the cultural, ecological, ancestral, and spiritual bodies. Top-down methods of change have a role to play, but they remain ineffective and incomplete if the patterns of behavior within the structure have not altered. Without bottom-up change, it's likely that time will recreate the same oppression in a new form. We see this play out in myriad ways at every level: smoking cessation without addiction healing, remarrying but dealing with the same problems, hiring new staff without changing workplace culture, an inability to integrate those euphoric retreat feelings back into your daily life, or new governments (via vote or coup) who turn out to be equally corrupt.

Beyond psychology, beyond spirituality, beyond neuroscience, we exist. We do not exist in the center of human-derived theory or practice. We are non-linear, uncountable, and unknowable, occupying a relational ecology that contains all consciousness, lifetimes, dimensions, beings, and concepts of time. We are the holy outpouring of Divine Love. It's time that our bodies, work, creativity, relationships, communities, and societies mirror the vast and ornate field of balanced intelligence to which we belong. And so we use the tools that provide relief in the unknowing and joy in our emergence through the use of primal language: rhythm, metaphor, movement, voice, theatre, ritual, ecstatics. We also use the best of both science and spirit without falling into the trap of arrogant demarcation or prescriptive dogma.

Our end goals cannot be embodiment, emotional dexterity, cultivating grounded presence, remembering who we are, and taking up space as our fullest selves. Although they are integral, we cannot stop at self-discovery and self-actualization. Our end goal must be changing the structures around us, which means we must alter the patterns between us. Embodiment is essential. Embodied action is unstoppable. Speaking our truth is important. Conflict fluency is powerful. Personal sovereignty is beautiful. Collective liberation is why we are here.


how I can help

I am a facilitator of spaces that encourage, catalyze, and hold vision for change. I am a collaborative practitioner of interpersonal somatics, applied neuroscience and neuromotor health, embodied mysticism, and theatre for social change. I use curiosity and play to encourage demechanization and risk, from which all liberation arises. I am a lover of voice and movement, metaphor and symbolism, and rhythm in all its glory. I work privately with individuals, couples, and families, as well as in group classes and workshops. I also offer short-term professional mentorship and consulting. Please note that my work is not a replacement for mental health services.

work with me

somatic sessions

I am currently accepting clients for in-person and online private sessions, suitable for individuals, couples, and families. Bookings are arranged in packages of four 80-minute sessions. These private sessions are collaborative in nature and centered around your goals and immediate needs. Content can include somatic inquiry and metaphor, voicework, therapeutic dance, somatic play, embodied rhythm, reflex integration, neurodevelopmental repatterning, co-regulation training, and ritual theatre.

**If you are local, please contact me to arrange. Otherwise, see below.**

soul sessions

A Soul Session is a full energetic clearing of the soul-level obstacles to your self-expression, joy, and healing, as well as an in-depth reading of the higher, deeper perspective on your current life situation. Together, we access the energetic root cause of your issue by bringing to conscious awareness the specific behavioral patterns, belief systems, coping mechanisms, genetic inheritances, negative self-talk, and toxic relationships that have contributed to your current circumstances. I remotely tune into your Higher Guidance (via your Guide team and Akashic Record) and not only clear what you are ready to release but discuss with you in detail how to take advantage of the energetic clean slate by changing your (you guessed it!) patterns.

Soul Sessions include: approximately an hour of my time before our call, an 80-minute jam packed Zoom call (and recording if technology is on our side), a customized prayer practice, a family tree graph of your main energetic inheritances, a Soul-level Love Letter that details all the unchanging aspects of your gifting and specific energies you are here to promote, and opportunities for follow-up clarification via email.

I also offer Soul Sessions for couples that examine how your gifts overlap and align, clarify how you relate to each other at soul-level, and clear any blocks that exist between you or that affect your ability to be in healthy relationship together.

*I am not accepting bookings at this time. Thank you.*

Somatic Sessions, Soul Sessions, and Mentorship/Consultation appointments

can be booked at the above link. Payment plans available.


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