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Laura Geiger

"The most potent negative event is isolation."
-Stephen Porges
rörelse mot ensamhet

Trauma and stress dysregulate the nervous system such that our threat responses become either constant (hypervigilance) or binary (all/nothing, on/off). Our experiences in life have rewired us to appear to prefer isolation to relationship, addiction to connection, and checking out to checking in. These preferences are maladaptive, meaning they are unhealthy coping strategies that do further damage to our systems and run counter to our physiology and our evolution. We are meant to find comfort, meaning, safety, growth, and healing in relationship. If we can create experiences that combine safe social interaction with coordinated movement, we will discover our own resilience and re-learn how to thrive. Together.

move together

sing together

be together

learn together

I am a somatic coach who works with clients primarily at the level of the nervous system through developmental movement education, somatic intelligence, reflex integration, voicework, ritual, and ceremony. I’m interested in using voice and movement to help people create feelings of safety in the body, repattern default responses to the environment, regulate emotions, and increase neuroplasticity and efficient brain functioning. I teach and work with clients online, as well as in southern Sweden (and occasionally in Canada).

I am the founder of Conscious Voicework®, a vocal expressive modality that combines psychology, spirituality, therapeutic sounding, and communal singing to confront and heal our personal experience of dissociation from our own truth, as well as the silencing and shame that we have collectively inherited, in order to bring our medicine to a suffering world.

I'm also an energy worker who specializes in Akashic Record readings, intuitive counseling, belief work, ancestral healing (including the dismantling of inherited white supremacy), and psychic development.

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Laura has helped me break the spell I’ve lived under for probably hundreds of years, and she has helped me unleash, break open and literally rebirth the essence of my voice. I am blessed and in deep gratitude for I no longer fear speaking. In fact, I’m amazed that I can have so many people listening to what I have to say.

- Myriam Llano, Founder of Divine Renewal™

Laura has an incredible ability to help you shift inside. Through what seems like simple exercises, she helps bring about insights, healing and expression as you’ve never experienced it before. Thank you for giving me the gift of discovering my voice, me, again. The door is now open for me to take this journey of breaking through the layers to be visible as the authentic and true me.

- Tanya Lochner

Laura created a space that had so much acceptance so I could move some deeply held emotions and through it all, I felt her hold me. It is not often I meet course leaders like her.

- Lars Möller

Laura is a force of grace, light, and deep wisdom. I have had the pleasure of working with her over the past few years. Through Laura’s loving and empowering guidance, a new found liberation has been unlocked inside me.​ I highly recommend working with Laura if you are looking to unlock your message to share with the world. Deepest gratitude to you Laura, for your work, light, and sharing your gifts.

- Janet-Lee Ropas

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